About our online store

Anxiety, sleep problems, depression, stressful life, undisciplined lifestyle and others cause many problems to human life.

With the aim of helping people to reduce their sufferings – we are providing online sale of Rakshaw / yantra.
We are providing online sale of Rakshaw of ( SANI Preethi Maha Rakshaw, Maha Lakshmi Rakshaw, Ganesha Rakshaw, Kuber Rakshaw and Subramanya Rakshaw).

We are providing Energized Ganapathy Yantra , Energized Subramanya Yantra and Energized Maha Lakshmi Yantra
Here we are covering only for the pooja charges to energize the Rakshaw/Yantra ( either 48 days or 96 days of pooja) .
Yantra is given with additional pooja for 12 after getting order.
We are also providing online sale of Holythread- ebook as well as Astro prediction and NADI Astro prediction.
Apart from this we are providing - SANI transit prediction: (December 2023 to 2026), SANI transit prediction for individual ( based on the horoscope), general remedial measures to solve problems, Weekly fortune, Freebie ( ebook) ( refer others for details )
Useful information on astro facts or spiritual fact as well as information to know more about health- body -mind -wellness are also provided.
AFFILIATE program and Software/apps (coming soon)