Refund policy

Refund policy

1. Once your money is received by us – you will get email/phone confirmation saying that amount is got as well as the purpose. This will avoid your doubt or worry on whether we get product or not for the money you have sent

2. No refund of money for horoscope prediction, NADI prediction, Holy thread , ebook will be given.

3. we are charging only pooja charges for rakshaw and yantra.

Yantra has to be worshipped consistently and with great discipline

in the prescribed manner over a period of time to fetch good results.

However if YANTRA is not giving any small amount of desired results

within a year, we will provide NADI solution for your specific 5 or 6

reasonable questions (at 50 percent discount rate)

4. If you are not interested in the above offer, we give refund of 35

percent of cost of YANTRA (excluding additional energization

charge) after 375 days from date of purchase (if Yantra does not

work for your case or yantra does not produce desired results).

Discretion of astrologer is final as some people tend to lie saying

that yantra is not working for me

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