How to send thumb impression

Take a thumb impression using stamp ink pad – put it on white paper Scan the thumb impression and upload the file ( file size less than 1 MB – applicable format jpg-jpeg ) in the online application form or take photo of thumb impression and send via mobile phone ( see that it is clear to view). (you can take two thumb impression of the same hand for clarity purpose)


If you are unable to come to Nadi reading place then give related information and fill up online application form to search for your NADI leaf from the bunch of NADI leaves. Once your NADI leaf is identified ( if exists) then you can get NADI predictions and remedial measures by email or mail. These will be Tamil poem/song form which will be converted to Tamil text form for your understanding (if required this can be translated to English).


Various remedial measures to overcome unforeseen events or obstacles in life or for getting solutions for various problems in one’s life can be obtained by mail or e-mail. This will be useful for reducing the effect of karma as well to plan future life events in a better way.

NADI solution for delay in getting married or for childlessness can be obtained with this.

You can get details about debts, court cases, diseases, reason for the same and solutions for future avoidance.

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