About Rakshaw

Each Rakshaw is associated with a specific GOD.

Choose the correct Rakshaw to solve your problems from Horoscope.

We suggest the correct Rakshaw (if required) for your problem based on horoscope ( from lagna , from the lord of 5 th and 9 th house)

Rakshaw helps you to reduce the ill-effects of planets ( in the birth chart ) or during the periods of planetary transition of Jupiter- or Raghu & Ketu – or Saturn.

Wear the Rakshaw to bring in better and fruitful results in life.

Eliminate or reduce intensity of sufferings or hardships by the way of remedial measures offered by Siddhas and Saints.

Do not get panic or afraid about problems in life – be honest, be truthful and do good deeds to get blessings of GOD.

Solve your personal problems of financial crisis, business problems, debt situation and health problems .

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